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Personalise Print Bali Print Shop Custom Wallpaper printing,is one of the most traditional forms of interior design, wallpapers can be used to cover any proportion of space in order to give rooms a personalised look and feel. Along with other forms of interior design merchandise, Bali Print Shop offers completely custom wallpaper enabling easy customisation of any area whether it’s used for personal or business purposes. Choose from 3 different wallpaper materials to give your project both the desired look and feel, then further customise your project with your own designs. With our competitive prices customers are able to obtain photo wallpaper, wallpaper murals or wallpaper borders to create a number of personalised projects.

High Quality Custom Wallpaper printing

Custom wallpaper can be utilised to decorate entire spaces or create one-of-a-kind murals from personal designs. All wallpaper is printed on thick material and with advanced HP Latex technology providing results of the highest quality. For ease of use, Bali Print Shop custom wallpaper do not require soaking before application and panels come with overlapping if required. To ensure delivery of optimal custome wallpaper prints our online form automatically provides information concerning the number of strips that each order will consist of. Simply input the dimensions of the area your personalised wallpaper will be applied to and the form will provide an easy to understand break-down of your final order.

Heavy Duty Wallpapers material

Custom wallpaper printed by Bali Print Shop is easy to both apply and remove, and each material is scratch-resistant to ensure longevity. Please note that we do not provide custom wallpaper glue with orders, however our online form advises on the required amount in grams based on your project. For more information concerning application of photo wallpaper please contact our Support Service or visit the FAQ page. Due to our advanced printing technology Bali Print Shop can deliver your custom wallpaper order in as little as 72 hours, however those with more lenient time frames can benefit from a reduced delivery cost. Orders can be monitored via an online Bali Print Shop account, and once received if there are any queries they can also be logged via this account.
Vivid custom-printed wallpaper or wall murals orient your customers, prospects, associates and employees to your message or brand. Depending on the size of the wall, the wallpaper is printed in strips up to 48 inches wide. They have many temporary and long-term uses, including: Conventions, Business meetings, New promotions, Seminars, Trade shows, Retail sales campaigns
We print in high-definition full color on HP's new strippable wallpaper. It installs cleanly, tears off easily and comes with HP's warranty of clean removal. It also carries numerous benefits over other kinds of printable wallpaper: Complies with commercial wall covering standards, Durable (up to 20 years permanence indoors), Flame retardant, Odor free, Pre-pasted, PVC-free, Ultra-smooth finish.
Custom Wallpaper Print
Custom Wallpaper Print
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Includes:Material and Prints
Not Includes:All material Without Glue / Sticker

Custom Wallpaper Print

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Height (m) x Length (m) x Quantity

20 - 49 meters
50 -  99 meters
100 - 199 meters
200 meters Up

Custom Wallpaper Print

High quality wallpaper printing material

The wallpaper industry has been making a phenomenal comeback in the last few years thanks to today’s advanced digital printing technology. Meanwhile, digital printing solutions are becoming more and more accessible to startups with a limited budget. Bali Print Shop helps you apply designs according to your tastes, hobbies, preferences and imagination. That's why we want to help print wallpapers according to client designs.
This type of wallpaper is made of fiberglass, which is woven, so that it becomes a sheet of wallpaper in general. The advantages of this type of wallpaper are fire resistance, do not rot or mold, and are durable. Because of this feature, this wallpaper is suitable to be applied in humid areas.
Bali Print Shop Wallpaper prints made from heavy duty material, can be said to be much stronger than ordinary paper. Due to the thick character of the material, this wallpaper has an textured pattern with a lining on the back and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Seamless and spotless prints

Digital wallpaper printing not only guarantees the lanes will be seamlessly aligned on the wall but also eliminates the risk of unevenly spread ink. Bali Print Shop wallpaper printing solution, for instance, comes with a prepress workflow that includes automated tiling, prints everything in a single pass and, not unimportantly, produces prints that match conventional printing technologies, like offset.

Perfectly compatible with non-woven

Digital wallpaper printing can only be done on non-woven paper, so you can rest assured your customers will be buying a product they can easily apply and remove. Sitting on dead stock is any wallpaper printing startup’s worst nightmare. Unless they print digitally, that is. Contrary to analogue wallpaper printing solutions, digital is most cost-effective for short runs and print-on-demand business models, and even allows for zero inventory.

Sustainable wallpaper printing
Printing wallpaper digitally also means being able to use dry toner, which is eco-friendly not just because it is free from solvents and emits no VOCs, but also because it is manufactured in a factory that runs on 100% green energy.

Our custom wallpapers printing have several advantages including:

  • Wallpaper images can be tailored to your needs and requests without being limited to the width of the walls.
  • The machines we use are specifically for wallpaper printing.
  • The ink we use is safe for health and already has an eco green certificate.
  • Wallpaper installation media can be on the wall (flat wall), gypsum & plywood.
  • Wallpaper can last for 20 years.
  • Wallpaper can be cleaned, because the image is waterproof.