About Us


NIB No : 3112220005867
NPWP  : 0622 9543 8690 3000

Bali Print Shop (BPS) by the permission of the company PT. Maha Meru Baliis specifically engaged in online printing services,  one of the home printing industry company located in Bali, Indonesia. We have been delivering great quality and personalized service since 2010.

BPS offer high-quality printing products and with affordable pricing.
We have experienced, in terms of procurement of printed materials for office purposes , organizations , government agencies and become suppliers of print in one place for a variety of purposes in order to support the indoor – outdoor media promotion for meetings, events, forums, conferences and exhibitions that held in Bali, Indonesia.

Supported by the latest Digital Offset printing machine that is adequate for quality results , Bali Print Shop continues to make improvements to the quality of the products in accordance with the development of printing technology as specially in order to provide a more optimal result for our customers.


We are dedicated to exceeding expectations. We carefully manage your artwork with a team of experts focused exclusively on ensuring the end product is perfect. Often we are able to catch and correct subtle design or technical issues before our customers are even aware of it, completely free of charge.

Our customers count on us, and we deliver. We never pull a fast one on you, and we deliver on time, and often sooner. There are no hidden surprises, charges or special conditions. You will know exactly where your project is up to the very minute it is delivered.

We are focused on building communitiesWe invite you to drop in to one of our three facilities for free design and printing advice. We also support worthy causes around the country with our Sponsorship Program, because we are dedicated to building stronger communities in our neighborhoods, your neighborhoods and beyond.