Wall Panel Art Canvas

3 Panel Canvas Prints

Rp 600.000

4 Panel Canvas Prints

Rp 900.000

5 Panel Canvas Prints

Rp 1.100.000

5 Panel Panoramic View

Rp 1.400.000 /set

Multi-Square Panel

Rp 400.000

Multi-Vertical Panel

Rp 450.000

Wall Panel Photo Canvas for a Dramatic Effect!

Bali Print Shop create a personalized creative image in front of our guests. With multi panel split canvas fabric prints you can split your single picture in multiple canvases to ensure leaving a distinct impression. Use them across your home / office walls and share your memories flawlessly. Allows you to build multi panel canvas prints effortlessly.

When we transfer your memories on wall split panel canvas prints your prints are carefully handled by skilled team members who hand stretches and meticulously inspect each piece to ensure your print is perfect before they're shipped. Every multi panel canvas photo prints are coated with scratch-resistant UV laminate, to protect it from fading.

Custom Canvas Prints

Bali Print Shop offers custom made your artwork photography on cotton canvas fabric print. Immortalize the moment. Let’s make a surprise gift for your love ones with a sweet note which we may attach on your behalf.

Your Image Across Several Split Canvases

Split canvases are a stunning option if you want to share your photos in a unique way. The multi panel split canvases are also a great way to get creative in your home or office space, by giving your designs a contemporary platform. Experiment with holiday, landscape or cityscape photography over triptych and diptych canvases to give your image the illusion of depth and a vast space.