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Print Babyterry fabrics at the Bali Print Shop for various clothes such as Sweaters, Blazers, Towels to baby clothes. The advantage of babyterry is that it is soft and absorbs sweat, which can warm the user's body.

Baby Terry
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Maximum Size:Maximum width depending on material fabric width. Required 5cm white space margin (print area space)

Baby Terry

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10m (can be different designs)

Baby Terry

Custom Print Babyterry Fabric

Baby Terry fabric has the characteristics of thick, soft and warm surface. Baby Terry’s front structure is similar to Single Knit fabric. In contrast, the back structure looks like groups of loops. It is suitable for producing jacket or hoodie. Babyterry is one type of fabric that comes from cotton or cotton fibers

Initially, this type of cloth was used as a basic material for making towels for children only, especially babies or toddlers. This is because toddlers have more sensitive skin so they need to use certain fabrics for the comfort of their skin.

Baby loop stretch terry is a soft knit fabric often found in commercial hooded baby towels. Baby terry fabric stays soft and flexible even with a few years of use.

This stretch terry is 80% cotton, 20% polyester backing for strength and durability. This fabric is approximately 58-60 inches wide and 11 oz/yd.

The Snappi fastener adheres to stretch terry, so consider making your entire diaper out of it. Use 4 - 6 layers in a soaker pad. You can also use this fabric to make your own hooded baby towels, bathrobes, and clothing.

This fabric has the advantage of the softness of the materials it offers.

This soft and smooth nature makes this cloth very suitable for children or babies. In addition, this fabric is also classified as a lightweight fabric compared to other types of fabrics.

This ability to absorb sweat is produced due to the small cavities found on the surface of the babyterry.

The next advantage of babyterry is that it is able to warm the user's body. This warm nature comes from the fine hairs on the inside of the babyterry which have the ability to withstand the body temperature of the wearer.

The following is an example of using babyterry that we often encounter in everyday life; Jumpers, Sweaters, Hoodies, Blazers, Jumpsuits, Robes, Bomber jackets, baby clothes, materials for upholstering sandals, doormats, etc.