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Balinese flags (Umbul Umbul Bali) printing used as decorative promotion tools ; for any event, art performance, festival, weddings, parties, fairs etc. Strong durable and light weight satin parachute material

Handmade Custom bali flags Printing

Bali Print Shop are the leading supplier for Umbul Umbul flags, traditional tall Bali flags from the tropical island of Bali. These balinese flags are of the highest quality and available in 2, 3,  5 or 7 metre sizes, with or without our custom bamboo designed Bali Flag poles. Simply scroll down to see all Satin Silk material or Parachute, select your bali flags fabric then sizes and options. They can be purchased with or without our high quality custom designed fabric flag poles and optional pole spikes for mounting on soft surfaces.

3 and 6 meters Bali flags, umbul umbul will give you the most impact and visability.

Balinese flag will normally have approximately 5 meter on the pole and a half meter tail at the top to swing in the breeze. A 7 meter will have approx. 5.5 meter on the pole and a 1.5 meter tail at the top. 2 meter flags are designed to create small features like aisles, walkways. Three, Five & 7 meter flags can be purchased with or without our custom designed and exclusive Bamboo poles. 2 meter flags, (sold in pairs) are provided with their own small sticks. Our custom designed Bamboo poles, for 3, 5 & 7 meter flags, fold down to 1 meter for ease of transport and storage. Easily extended out to your desired length and with a simple twist will lock into place. If you are mounting on sand, soil, turf or lawn you may also like to consider our pole spikes. These are designed to make your install easy and secure, even in windy conditions. All traditional genuine Bali flags are manufactured from what the Balinese refer to as Parachute material, which is durable and weather proof. Under normal conditions your flags will last 6-10 months, whilst our poles with a little care will last for years. The Balinese call these flags "Umbul Umbul", which translates to "tail of the dragon" because their shape is reminiscent of one. They are an important part of ritual activities and celebrations in temples on Bali. The Bali flag originated from the "Penjor", with which the people on Bali decorate their gardens for sacred festivals. The Penjor consists of a long, curved bamboo rod which is firmly anchored in the ground and decorated with palm leaves, so that all neighbors see and enjoy it. There are different names for these flags from Bali: garden flags, Bali flags, Umbul Umbul, dragon flags, Asia flags, prayer flags. "Umbul Umbul" is the name given to traditional Balinese flags. The name "Umbul Umbul" means as much as "tail of the dragon".

Things to know about the Bali flag.
The application possibilities of these flags as an Eye-Catcher are many: as beach banner / beach flag, banner ad, eye-catcher for weddings, birthdays, garden parties, festivities, fairs, city festivals, village festivals and various events.
"Umbul Umbul" is the name given to traditional Balinese flags. The name "Umbul Umbul" means as much as "tail of the dragon".
These flags are, compared to the usual flags in Western culture, much narrower, about four to five meters long and tapered upwards. Their long side is attached to a bamboo pole, the tip is bent down and often decorated with a small bell and mirror. Traditionally, the Umbul Umbul flag is colored solid. Each color has its special meaning. Depending on the nature of the ceremony other colors are used.
The origin of the Umbul Umbul flag is said to be in the Indian region at the time of Buddha. According to the Indian national epos Ramayana it arose from a dispute between the hero Arjuna and the monkey god Hanuman. The dragons often depicted on the flags symbolize the arrow of the archer Arjuna.
Also in Western culture the communal painting (in rainbow colors or colorful imaginary motives) and subsequent installation of Umbul Umbul flags for various occasions and events, as well as artistic garden decoration has spread in the wake of the esoteric boom in recent years. In part, the custom has already been touristically trivialized and commercialized on Bali. Since 2004, an annual flag festival has been held on Bali, where a large number of the most beautiful flags are displayed.

The colors of Umbul-Umbuls have their own meaning on Bali: Red stands for courage, Blue means fame, White for purity, Yellow for eternity, Green means peace, Black symbolizes power.
Balinese Flags
Product Info
Material:Satin Fabric
Print Side:1 side fullcolor print
Maximum Size:Max. Width : 90 cm

Balinese Flags

    Rp 120.000 /pc
    ± 4-5 Days
    • Minim Order : 2 pcs (each design) and applies in multiples of 2 pcs.
    • With Bamboo Pole, Minim Order 6 pcs

    Balinese Flags

    Custom Balinese Flags Printing

    Bali Flags also called Umbul Umbul (Balinese flags), traditionally seen in Balinese Temples, Gardens, Houses and Restaurants, along the tropical beaches of Bali, these tall slim flags and umbrellas have become increasingly popular as colorful additions to events, beach weddings, balconies, verandas and gardens all over the world.

    Created to express concerns about the future of life on earth, focusing on humanity, art, nature and spirituality. They provide hope, meaning and strength, generating an energy that everyone will take back to their villages, provinces or countries, to build a tomorrow that is different..

    Suitable For any Event and Promotional banner

    Additionally they can be used as decorative displays for weddings, parties, functions, fairs, markets etc.  Our Bali flags a very strong durable and light weight Satin and Parachute fabric, as well as cloth polyester.

    So Brighten up that special occasion or just make your garden or special event really stand out with our range of authentic Bali flags in Bali.