High quality Comp / Model Cards Printing at Bali Print Shop

High quality comp / model cards printing at Bali Print Shop, use by every actor, artist and model by showing off the best photos and highlighting

Comp / Model Cards
Comp / Model Cards
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Material:Artpaper 260 gsm with gloss / matte laminate
Print Side:2 Sides full color

Comp / Model Cards

    Rp 600 /pc
    ± 2-3 Days

    Comp / Model Cards

    Grab the Spotlight with Comp / Model Cards

    Every actor and model knows that in the fashion, commercial, and entertainment business, it’s all about making a great first impression. With comp card printing at Bali Print Shop, you can increase your marketability by showing off your best photos and highlighting the most important information about yourself. They’re an important tool for creative professionals in these industries.

    Comp cards, also known as zed cards or model cards, are in essence the business cards made for models and artists. They include the best images from a model’s portfolio, including headshots and full body photos. A professional comp card is the key to potential employment opportunities. Use it to achieve the best first impression and land your next gig.

    Grab the spotlight using our comp card printing service. Our model cards are made with top-quality thick cardstock 260 gsm with various sizes and  coatings option.

    Your comp card should be both visually appealing and at the same time, include essential information that potential employers can reference. Here are some ways you can use your cards to land your next gig.

    Use a variety of images in your model card.

    Typically, you should include 3 or 4 images in every comp card you print. Vary your images with different types of shots, such as headshots and full body shots, as well as different styles of hair and make-up. These images should show your experience, and your range as a model or actor. Consider using a larger size comp card if you want to feature more photos.

    List your measurements and your contact information.

    Include typical measurements such as height, weight, chest, waist, and hip size. You may also include eye color, shoe size, and dress size. For contact information, add the best way employers can contact you immediately. Finally, if you have a portfolio website, you need to include that as well.

    Consider using a coating for your comp card.

    Add a little more pizzaz to your comp cards by using paper coatings. Gloss and high gloss UV adds shine to your images and makes them pop. Matte coating is subtle and subdued which adds a luxurious style to your card. Choose any of these comp card printing options to stand out from the crowd.