Standard Envelopes for document letters printing at Bali Print Shop

Standard Envelopes printing at Bali Print Shop for your company document letters, business correspondence, statements with printed logo, address, or artwork

Envelopes Standard
Envelopes Standard
Product Info
Material:Paper 80gms, with Peel & Seal Adhesive
Size:23 x 11 cm
Contain:1 box = 100 pcs

Envelopes Standard

    Rp 90.000 /pack
    ± 3-5 Days

    Envelopes Standard

    Customize standard Envelopes for your company document with your company logo and return address to save time, and give your business correspondence a more polished and professional look. Perfect for any document, letters, statements, and more.


    Creating an impact can be difficult using document envelopes based on the fact that 98% of business envelopes that are printed on full color. So, when you send a fullcolor printed envelopes to your customer it will stand out above the other direct mail that they open that day. In fact, fullcolor printed envelopes are proven to have a 40% higher success rate when used for direct marketing campaigns and are also 9 times more likely to be opened!

    By getting your logo, design or message printed quite simply in 1 color print, onto a white envelope, you can get a very effective result which will stand out from all other mail and cry “open me”.  This is a brilliant way to get great impact while keeping your printing low-cost, as a ‘1 color print’ process, this is the cheapest way to print!