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Document Folders are more than a vehicle to store information; they're a symbol of your organization. Your image is embedded in your pocket folder, your philosophy emblazoned front and center. That's why your pocket folder design and printing are so important. As the portal to your important sales information, proposals and other data, your pocket folder must tell your customers who you are before they even open it to see what's inside.

Print Stopmap / A4 and Folio folder files at Bali Print Shop

Stopmap / A4 and Folio folder files is more than just a stopmap for storing information; stopmap is a promotional media as well as your organization and business brand. Your brand and service products are displayed on the front of the stopmap. That's why the design and printing of your stopmap folder is so important. As a medium for sales information, proposals and other data, your file folders are able to tell customers who you are before they open them to see what's inside. Professionally printed presentation folders are the best of what you have to offer, which is why you should use an online commercial printing company like Bali Print Shop to be able to print stopmaps with quality results. Stopmap is one of the most important stationary needs and should be owned by every company. With the stopmap, office needs that are usually easily lost will be slightly covered. Stopmap itself is a file folder that is used as a place to store paper in one place. With this function, of course, the need to print a stop map is one of the most needed printing needs in a company. Apart from being used in a company, now the stopmap function is starting to develop. Not only used for companies, stopmaps can also be used in other places such as restaurants and hotels. With a little touch of creative print, stopmaps can have other functions that are also very useful for the company as a whole. So, the stopmap function does not stop at the file folder alone. In addition to form, of course, to make it more attractive, an attractive design is needed so that the function of the stopmap can be more attractive and can also be used as a promotional medium. In addition to design, of course, the print results must also be considered so that our promotion can be maximized.

Professionally printed presentation folders

Bali Print Shop are stunning jackets showcasing the best of what you have to offer, which is why you should use a top-rated online commercial printing company. We use high-quality paper stocks and state-of-the-art printing presses, and we calibrate our presses daily for a guaranteed sharp output and consistent color. Our services include professional quality and stellar products. Many presentation folder printing services that we provide include the printing of single pocket, two-pocket and presentation folder with a spine. If you so request us, we can also provide business card slits to your presentation folders and make them all the more convenient. These slits are capable of holding business cards. In the case, that the pocket you have requested in your presentation folder is in a special shape, we can accommodate that as well. We make use of the die-cutting technique to cut these pockets, and this process covers custom sizes.
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Presentation Folders Printing in Bali

Presentation or Document folders, also known by the name of pocket folders have a varied range of uses in the world of business. Starting from being useful in business negotiations, presentations, and speeches, these folders can also be used in expositions, exhibitions, showcases, displays, conferences, and meetings.

The standard size used for a presentation folder 22.5cm x 3.05cm and 23cm x 35cm. These folders can support A4 and F4 sized documents with ease.

Paper Options
A number of paper options are available, which include gloss art paper, uncoated paper, and textured paper with different thicknesses for choice. The most common type of paper, which is used for presentation folder printing is 260-310gsm gloss art paper.

Special Shape Presentation Folder
Besides the regular presentation folder, we also can do a special shape presentation folder with special cutting. A special shape presentation folder may hold different size documents and items. Like holding manual, pencil, business cards. 

Pocket Folders Type

Single Pocket Folders
A popular choice of presentation folders, The regular single pocket presentation folders have their pockets situated on the right side, with the standard height of the pockets being 15-20cm. Different product booklets or leaflets can be inserted into these pockets.

Two-Pocket Folders
The two pocket presentation folder has two pockets inside the folder, with each of the pockets situated on either side of the page. The pockets may either be located on the bottom of the side parts of the folder and slits can be made to support business cards.

Folders with the Spine
Presentation folders with spines are usually for holding a larger number of documents or brochures. We prefer to have you have your own file designed and ready for printing. 

Finishing for your Files Folder
We provide accommodation for color printing on either one or both sides of your presentation folder. You can choose from different cover options like gloss lamination, matte lamination to secure and protect the outer surface of your presentation folder.