Double Hycon Fabric Printing for Hijab / headscarf at Bali Print Shop

Double Hycon Fabric at Bali Print Shop for fashion; material of Hijab / headscarf that is comfortable to wear, soft and cool

Product Info
Ink Color:Hi-Quality digital full color printing with Original Ink
Maximum Size:Maximum width depending on material fabric width. Required 5cm white space margin (print area space)


Rp 0 /meter
[ meters ]
kg [ meters ]
Length (m)
50 - 99 meters
100 - 199 meters
200 meters Up
Minimum order  :
10 m (can be different designs)


Hycon fabric is a mixture of polyester and silk, so it has the character of a smooth and smooth surface. Hycon fabrics are still one family of chiffon and ceruti fabrics, but they have some differences. Even though it has physical characteristics similar to chiffon fabric, hycon is thicker than chiffon fabric. Besides that, the hycon cloth is smoother when you touch it.

Hycon fabric is widely used for making hijabs because of its cool nature, making it comfortable to wear. The double hicon material comes as a solution for the Hijab / headscarf that is comfortable to wear, soft and cool and also has a "falling" texture. And most importantly, comfort when used makes the head feel "fluffy". And it is proven that the hijab with double hicon material immediately exploded in the market. Because the quality is good which is not inferior to the paris hijab.