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PVC Cards Printing use for Gift card, Loyalty Cards, Discount cards & Membership Cards at Bali Print Shop. Our high quality PVC plastic card alike credit card

PVC Card
PVC  Card
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Print Side:2 sides printing

PVC Card

Rp 12.000 /pc
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Cards with Embossed & Hotprint required minimum order 500 pcs.

The Embossed & Hotprint  card are for Logo and Text (same on all cards) and No embosse / hotprint applied  for deference name and numbering.

PVC Card

Custom PVC Card Printing

PVC Membership cards are an effective tool in creating a link between the customer and business. Plastic Cards suitable for Gift card, Loyalty card or as ID card.

Members give an affordable way to keep customer records and giving members as added feel of importance of be belonging to your organization. PVC Membership cards will augment image of any organization. It helps in developing business and customer satisfaction. 

Our membership card printing is not just focusing on the usage of membership itself. You can choose to use this membership card for company name tags, loyalty cards or even as a luggage tag.

Our membership card printing uses PVC Card with the thickness alike credit card which is 0.76 micron card with one or 2 sided print full color. 

Gift cards, replaced the old fashion paper gift certificate. Plastic Gift Cards are a deep-rooted method to enhance sales for all sorts of businesses. Many retailers now have gift card schemes which is cost Effective Solution to take advantage of seasonal promotions, partnership and special offers.

Loyalty & Discount card is a powerful way to create a compelling reason for your customers to prefer your services over other. Custom printed loyalty cards improve customer retention and customer purchase. To offer custom printed loyalty cards, will go long way towards

strengthening your relationship with existing and new customers. The best way to get your customers to keep coming back to your store is to reward them with loyalty cards they can use every time they shop. Loyalty cards are used by many establishments to create incentives for consumers to continue to visit a business. The main purpose behind these plastic cards is to build repeat business from customers.