Impraboard (Corflute) Poster printing for Event, trade show, conference at Bali Print Shop

Cheap price Impraboard (Corflute or Corrugated) Poster printing for Event, trade show, conference at Bali Print Shop are durable and lightweight with a professional look

Corflute / Impraboard
Corflute / Impraboard
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Material:PVC Impraboard 5 mm + Digital full color Luster on the board

Corflute / Impraboard

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Corflute / Impraboard

Impraboard posters Printing at Bali Print Shop

Corflute or Corrugated plastic signs are a lightweight and cost-effective visual communications solution, ideally suited for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Also known by the brand names CoroplastĀ®, Corex, Corflute and Plasticor.

Impraboard (Corflute or Corrugated) poster are perfect for your trade show, conference, business event or sale, or for wall prints and stand board photo.  Economical to print, custom posters are one of the best-kept marketing secrets.

These professional-looking prints are durable and lightweight, making them also ideal for fundraisers, school projects, corporate events or retail displays. Mounted posters are also an eye-catching way to decorate your restaurant, coffee shop, lobby, office space or home.

Similar to posters, mounted posters are an economical option for branding your business, nonprofit or event. But unlike standard paper posters, mounted posters are ready-to-hang or frame and can be used in creative applications.

Corflute atau Impraboard digunakan sebagai:

Real Estate signage

when It comes to real estate signs, we print them single and double sided. These sings are as For sale, for lease, Open home etc. It can be fixed to any wall, post or fence.

Point of Sale signs (POS)

Most of the promotion sings are printed on corflute 3 & 5mm. Our corflute sings does the job. We can supply you with suspending system for all type of retail displays.

Outdoor General Signage

Advantages of our corflute signs is the type of printing we use which gives the extra benefit of displaying it outdoor in direct sun and rain. Impraboard Displays corflute signs can be printed by sticker attached on any flute direction required by our customer. You can have peace of mind when you are placing your sign outdoor.

Trade shows and Expos

Storage and installation is generally an inconvenience when it comes to Trade shows. Our Impraboard corflute signs can be supplied with double sided tape, they can be attached to the tradeshow walls easily and can be removed after the show.