High Quality Aluminum Sandwich Board at Bali Print Shop | A frame Boards

Cheap Price & High Quality Aluminum Sandwich Board for Stand Banner at Bali Print Shop suitable for restaurants, salons, boutique shops, aisle advertising, tradeshows or anywhere walk-ins

Stand signs (Sandwich Board)
Stand signs (Sandwich Board)
Product Info
Material:Frame, Almunium
Size:60 x 80 cm
Timeframe:7 Business days

Stand signs (Sandwich Board)

    Rp 1.800.000 /pc
    ± 4-5 Days

    Stand signs (Sandwich Board)

    Aluminum Stand Sandwich Board Sign

    No matter what sort of signage you need to erect, you can do so with the Aluminum Sandwich Boards. Perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors for years and years of use, the Aluminum Sandwich Boards are your ticket to creating permanent signage that can withstand any environment. These display boards, perfect as yard signs or as an office display board, are made from aluminium, come with Click Frame that are resistant to corrosion and other such damages. 

    These resilient aluminum sheets and are permanently adhered to an equally as sturdy polyethylene core. Perfect for long term or semi-permanent use, these make great advertising signs for restaurants, real estate, retail environments and so much more. They are both UV safe and waterproof to ensure a long life

    Looking to stop traffic in an affordable way?

    A-frame signs, also called “sandwich boards,” are a can’t-miss addition to any business space. Setting them up outside or taking them back in is a breeze, and they’ll get seen by almost anyone walking by.
    Captivate passers-by with a colorful Sandwich Board or an A Frame Sideway Sign today. On a tight budget? No problem! These Low Cost A Frame Sings are intended for those looking for an inexpensive means marketing advertisement.

    These frame signage / Sandwich Board Signs are ideally suited for restaurants, salons, boutique shops, aisle advertising, tradeshows or anywhere walk-ins are welcome. With easy to set up and secure, our Sandwich Board Signs come complete with a built-in water ballast for windy days.