Custom T-Shirt with 1 (One) Color Screen Printing at Bali Print Shop

Custom T-Shirt with 1 (One) Color Screen Printing at Bali Print Shop. good for club organization or business promotional event, conference, meeting, forum in Bali

Custom T-shirt Screnn Printing Printing for one 1 color Order for Personal Use and Business Promotional Event

Wearing clothes with the same design as others is really boring. Often, it makes us hesitate when we are faced a situation where in an event the clothes we are wearing at the moment are the same with what our friends wear. For men, this kind of situation is nothing but for women it is enough to make bad mood throughout the whole event. Fortunately, living in this era that awkward time can be avoided effortlessly thanks to custom t-shirt service. Not only can be obtained for your own collection to show your creativity, it also can be transformed as business.

Custom t-shirt itself has some significant difference compared to ready to wear t-shirt sold in the market. When choosing the conventional t-shirt sold in places like mall and factory outlet, we only can choose the one decent design without involving our own imagination and the fact that it is sold and printed in a huge amount, there is probability that one of your friends have the same item. Another case, if you buy from online shop, often the item arrived at home has look that is not the same as the picture shown in the e-commerce. All those inconvenience things will be avoided if you start make custom t-shirt with your own design.

You Design Your Own 1 color Custom Design on T-shirt with screnn printing

Practical and comfortable process

Custom t-shirt service provider always offer practicality and comfort to the customers. It can be felt from the order experience involving customer freedom in defining the base material of the t-shirt that will be ordered, practice order process, safe purchasing transaction process, and the satisfying delivery.

It’s your own style

Obviously, you can make a collection of t-shirt based on any styles you want. For you the ones love one famous band or artist, you can print their picture on your own designed t-shirt. Quotes lovers can print the inspirational quotes you like on your own t-shirt collection. Same thing can be followed by the movie lovers, you can print your favorite movie characters on your first custom t-shirt.

Be a trendsetter

There is moment where what you make not only it is different but also interesting in the other’s eyes. It can make you as a trendsetter. For the designer, it is surely giving a self proud when realizing that what you designed is followed by others.

The Variety of T-Shirt to Enhance Your Daily Outfit

You have a boring clothes in your wardrobe? You need to upgrade your collection so it’s not boring and always slay the crowd in any given time. Here are some ready to wear and ready to print t-shirt type available out there:

Local t-shirt, it is the local made t-shirt with the quality that cannot be seen with bird eyes. It is available in variety of colors and sizes. This t-shirt is ready to wear and also ready to become your creative media. It is also called as white label t-shirt which means the white label on the neck enable us to print our own clothing brand on it.

Gildan t-shirt, import t-shirt with the best quality available in variety of types, sizes, and colors. Plain design of this t-shirt makes the youngster loves to wear it as it is easy to be mix and matched. This t-shirt is also used by custom t-shirt businessmen because of the reliable availability, good quality, and profitable prices.

Raglan t-shirt, 3-5 years ago this type of t-shirt was popular for couple t-shirt. Raglan t-shirt is t-shirt with two color combinations. For instance, the color of t-shirt body is white and the sleeve color is red. In the market, this t-shirt is available with ¾ sleeve and short sleeve. For big posture people, this t-shirt gives a slimmer look.

Full print t-shirt, it is suitable for the ones having wild imagination in fashion. All area of this t-shirt is printed by the design chosen by the designer. While the conventional t-shirt possess design size in A4 or A3, with full print t-shirt, all the sleeves and front and back of the t-shirt are the design area. Wear this t-shirt to a lively event to balance the vibe.

Polo, going to casual formal event? Polo t-shirt is the best choice to wear. In the earlier time it was worn for sport event, now it is worn for daily activity. Wear polo t-shirt with jeans or chino pants and tidy and casual outfit automatically will be gained.

Tank top, this item is really suitable to be worn in a very casual event such as spending time in the beaches, lazy time at home, or city strolling in the evening. The aperture without sleeve makes tank top very comfortable when it is worn.

Are You Into T-shirt Design? Develop Your Talent as Business!

For whoever likes and loves to create your own t-shirt design, it is the best decision for you to make your own clothing line business. It will not be as difficult as the time before custom t-shirt service provider available. Besides, this business is aligned with youngster because it is dynamic following the trend. When a music is trending, the lyrics or the singer can be transformed as the t-shirt design. When it’s the time for superhero trend, the favorite characters also can be printing for your t-shirt design. When to start? We recommend you to start your own custom t-shirt business now with Bali Print Shop

Bali Print Shop, Your Practice and Fast Online Custom T-shirt Printing!

For anyone who wants to design t-shirt based on your own favorite design, you do not need to look for here and there spending time and energy to survey the best custom printing workshop. We are the best and the most reliable custom t-shirt printing place. Many variant of t-shirt can be ordered even only 1 pcs or in a huge amount as we have No Minimum Order. Anytime you want your design ready to print, no things prevent your will to make your design transform into a real piece. We are supported by experienced professional with the help from the advanced printing technology that always produce the best product. We ship to all area of the country using only trusted delivery service. What are you waiting for? Order your own custom design t-shirt now in Bali Print Shop

T-Shirt Screen Printing (1 Color)
T-Shirt Screen Printing (1 Color)
Product Info
Material:Cotton Combed 30s/32s
Includes:T-Shirt with 1 Color Screen Printing

T-Shirt Screen Printing (1 Color)

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Minimum Total Order 50 pcs. Allowed to Mixed Size and Each Size Minimum 6 pcs.

T-Shirt Screen Printing (1 Color)

1 Color Screen Printing T-Shirt

The ultimate customer experience in t-shirt screen printing services for company promotional item, gift, event management companies, SMEs, personal use and others.
Screen printing T-shirt for one color can be an enjoyable project - that's what Bali Print Shop is all about.

We take your t-shirt printing in 1 color design ideas and turn them into customized t-shirts for more cheapest price than fullcolor digital print, suitable for your teams, school, company and clubs. You can design your own design artwork ( fullcolor photo, images, etc) 


- Cotton combed 30s/32s
-  Asian outfit t-shirt with precision pieces
-  Limp and soft material
-  Durable and long lasting